Empower 101 Four Week Program – $499 ($346 savings) 

  • 2 Private Training sessions per week ($560 value)
  • 2 Independent Gym sessions per week ($240 value)
  • 1 Free Empower PT T-Shirt ($25 value)
  • $20 off any package for the following month ($20 value)
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Pilates Intro 3 Pack:

Three (3) private sessions for first time clients to get to know you, the way you move, and your specific goals. 


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Training Intro 3 Pack: 

Includes assessment of your current fitness level, individualized home exercise program, and development of specific goals for your body.


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Enjoy a private spin ride led by a Peloton virtual instructor. With your own enclosed space and dimmed light, you can create the space you want  in a safe and private environment. Choose your individual ride length and spend the rest of the time to stretch and move using our provided equipment. Before your first session a staff member will give you a full introduction to the Peloton to ensure your safety while riding. 

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