Empower Training is founded on individualized corrective exercise and functional fitness. Overseen by our PT, Alyssa, you will be guided through safe and purposeful programs that will help improve your quality of life. With each session we will strive towards meeting your goals while also making you feel more empowered in your daily movements!

Intro 3 Pack (Private):

Includes assessment of your current fitness level, individualized home exercise program, and development of specific goals for your body.


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Single Session:


First Time visit single session
continuing single session

5 Pack (Private):

$375 ($75 each)

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10 Pack (Private):

$700 ($70 each)

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Drop in Classes – $40 per session

5 Pack (Private) – $375 ($75 each)

10 Pack (Private) – $350 ($35 per class)

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Empower 101 Four Week Program – $499 ($346 savings) 

  • 2 Private Training sessions per week ($560 value)
  • 2 Independent Gym sessions per week ($240 value)
  • 1 Free Empower PT T-Shirt ($25 value)
  • $20 off any package for the following month ($20 value)
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