Pilates for Tampa Bay’s Active Adults!

The Empower team has over 32 years of combined experience working with clients. Our Pilates experts are trained under the guidance of a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. We collaborate together to create the safest program that fits your individual needs. 

Our studio has 2 large private rooms, so you will have plenty of space and privacy as you begin your fitness journey.  You can choose to have the same instructor each time or choose to work with more than one. 

Do you have an upcoming adventure that you need to prepare for or do you just simply want to feel good getting on the floor to play with your grandchildren? Pilates utilizes all planes of motion to replicate movements that are functional and necessary for everyday life and those once a year adventure trips! 

We teach you how to rediscover your innate mind-body connection with our hands on instruction that provides both verbal and tactile cueing. We will challenge your proprioception and balance so you can feel comfortable and confident in your body as you navigate the aging process or return to movement after several years. 

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Instructed by a licensed physical therapist assistant and Pilates instructor, Pilates Therapy fuses traditional Pilates methods with Physical therapy. These sessions are designed to optimize your movement, correct muscular imbalances, and manage pain giving you the same Empower PT quality of service. These Sessions also include manual therapy techniques to give you a little extra love in your Pilates sessions! 
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