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I highly recommend Empower PT for any and all physical therapy needs. You will not find a therapist like Alyssa at one of the local large group practices. If you want someone who spends time with you, listens and provides a personalized program to get you feeling better, then Empower PT is the place. The entire team is wonderful, from Niajah to amazing Pilates instruction with Liz.

Candice, Google Verified

For physical therapy, this facility is by far larger and nicer than any I’ve seen. Expert guidance is met with a really wide range of equipment. Definitely recommend!


I have been to a number of physical therapists over the years and can easily state that Alyssa is by far the best. As a very active 30 year old with nagging injuries from competitive sports in my youth, Alyssa takes the time to listen and understand the issues and then goes through a rigorous process to get to the root cause. Oftentimes, the pain you are experiencing is caused by an issue somewhere else in the body. This point is very important because it is flushed out in Alyssa's process vs. your typical physical therapy locations where they just give you the basic cookie cutter set of exercises based on your ailment (i.e. your shoulder hurts so here are some shoulder exercises). I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Logan, Yelp Verified

Yes, I highly recommend Alyssa. She is extremely knowledgeable and her passion to help you feel better is impressive. I have seen many PT’s over the years and she has been able to get to the source of my pain when others have not. She really knows her stuff!!!


Empower PT is amazing. The entire team works together to help resolve muscular issues from flexibility to strength training. I originally went to Empower PT for physical therapy after a meniscus surgery. Fast forward six months - I am working with an Empower PT personal trainer for entire body conditioning, while still strengthening my knee throughout the process. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and conditioning with a very knowledgeable, kind and fun team.

Karen, Facebook Verified

Alyssa is an amazing PT! She has helped me recover from herniated disks as a result of a car accident and then a subsequent surgery on my neck and wrist. Everyone at Empower cares about the wellbeing of the clients that come in and they treat each one as an individual. I'd recommend Empower to anyone seeking physical therapy and great mobility.

Jessica, Facebook Verified

Empower has helped me so much and Alyssa is amazing. I went in with pain and issues, and each week I feel better. On day 1 she gave me more shoulder mobility than I had experienced in months. It’s a really bright and welcoming studio as well - and it is clear that they encourage their patients to move at their own pace. Can’t recommend it enough. I’ve seen a bunch of Physical Therapists throughout my life and this place is my favorite of them all.

Jaclyn, Google Verified

Alyssa is a knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate physical therapist committed to the best practices in her field. Forget about the standard exercises you would do with a PT's assistant at a chain - Alyssa sees each client as an individual and works personally with you to treat your whole body rather than a single symptom. I also love Pilates classes with Liz at Empower; she is fun and engaging so that even the most challenging classes are over before you realize how hard you have worked! The staff and atmosphere at Empower are welcoming and the results are undeniable.

Carinne, Google Verified

Only place for rehab, training and much more. A dear friend introduced me to Alyssa to help with a persistent shoulder issue that other MD's could not point me in the right direction. A couple weeks with Alyssa and so much better all ready.


I started PT with Alyssa because of complications after a double masectomy. But she didn't just focus on my range of motion. She asked questions and really listened. Because of that assessment Alyssa also treated an issue from a previous surgery that was over a year old. I thought it was pain I would have to live with forever. Because of her the pain is gone. She has been a life saver! She is a very skilled PT but what makes her different is she really listens to her clients. She will encourage and support you in your goals. She understands that the mind and body go together. She treats the whole person, not just the injury.


Alyssa is a great caretaker and a wealth of information and positive energy!


There aren't enough suitable words in the English language to sing Alyssa's praises as far as I am concerned. I started with her in June of 2016 after suffering ruptures to both quad tendons. She quickly assessed my status as a person with substantial needs insofar as rehabilitation of the repaired knees and correcting my long-standing requirements for strengthening my body as a whole. My lack of flexibility has remained a priority for each session as it effects my daily workouts and can seriously impact on long-standing lower back problems. Suffice to say, she has returned me to a quality of life much better than the years before my injuries in 2016. No one has done more to make my life more enjoyable. She is my guardian angel!!!


Diagnosed with bicep tendinitis several months ago and with limited mobility. Alyssa a master at her craft has worked with me where every week there has been significant progress. Thank you, Alyssa. I highly recommend her for any physical therapy.


I was introduced to Alyssa Stewart and Empower PT while injured and prior to my hip replacement. She used various methods to: - Minimize pain - Create a program where I could move and train while waiting for surgery - Provide movement and training without making my symptoms worse Her ability to use pilates to provide me with some movement that was not weight bearing. Allowed me to maintain some flexibility and strength was encouraging when I felt I had very few options while waiting for surgery. She is caring, compassionate yet very determined to ensure each client is maximizing their ability to move and preserving their strength and flexibility regardless of age, fitness level, and injury. I would recommend Empower PT to anyone injured or trying to prevent injuries.


I have been coming to Alyssa for over 3 yrs. She is very knowledgable and passionate about what she does. I am pain free and thats the most important thing. I highly recommend her.


I am so happy I found Empower PT! After going to other trainers and still having lower back issues I was very frustrated. I decided to try a physical therapist that also offers personal training. Best decision I ever made. Empower PT is helping me work on my trouble areas. I am finally not experiencing any lower back pain after two years of going to other trainers. I work with my Personal Trainer Julia in conjunction with Physical Therapist Alyssa. I am getting all bases covered in a productive way that builds up my body instead of causing more injury. Empower PT offers Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Group Classes and Massage....it’s truly a one stop shop that will help you achieve all your goals and then some. You won’t regret it and their pricing is in line and even less than many trainers in the area. If you have any type of injury or just getting moving again after having little ones....give them a try!


I have been having back & hip problems since I had my twins over 2 years ago. After one session so much of my pain was alleviated. I am looking forward to working further with Alyssa to get back to normal!!!


So happy with the massive improvement I jam making on an injury that I've been dealing w/ for 2 weeks now! It was not until my first visit with Empower PT that I started to have relief and signs of recovery. Alyssa sincerely wants to know what is causing the pain and will work tirelessly to resolve it. Couldn't be happier!


Alyssa is a great Physical Therapist. I have seen her for multiple different issues over the years, mainly stemming from high volume Crossfit Training. Alyssa has a back round in Crossfit so she knows the movements well and knows how to help. Because of our sessions, I feel healthier and ready to get back to training!


I have been so impressed with Alyssa’s knowledge, support and attention to detail. She is committed to helping you feel better and does so with no judgment. In addition, she is fun to be with! If you are going to spend an hour with someone it’s a great bonus when you enjoy their company AND they are an expert at what they do. I don’t believe there is a more knowledgeable and current PT out there.


First visit was today and I have to say, very pleased so far with the professionalism, knowledgeable and one on one session I had with Alyssa. I have had PT in the past with not a lot of success and I can say after today I feel very comfortable and confident in my future recovery and strengthening. I would highly recommend her and her facility to anyone who wishes to not just rehab their body but to also strengthen and stabilize their body for the future 🙂 🙂 Thank you Alyssa 🙂 🙂


Voted best Physical Therapy in South Tampa for four years, Empower PT is looking forward to continuing to serve the community we love! We are so grateful for our amazing clients who voted & look forward to continuing to serve the greater Tampa Bay Area!